One of the biggest challenges any XXI company is facing, is the high degree of uncertainty and complexity today’s business world is going through. The life cycle of most of the products is steadily getting shorter, our customers constantly expect new products and functionalities, but it is not easy to identify which new product or service is really going to delight our customers and meet their expectations!

In these two days course we will take a deep dive into the impact Agile methodologies have on traditional product management. As we day by day struggle with the decision, which product should be next in the market, we will take a closer look to prioritization schemes, as well as different delivery scenarios. Also, quality is a strong component of Agile product management, and plays an essential role in this course.

This course includes numerous practical examples, which we could observe when coaching a wide variety of companies within the last years.

We offer this course as an online course or presential course option.




Within these two days, we will go through the following modules, combining practical exercises with theoretical knowledge:

  • Agile Product Management and Agile Development
  • Traditional project management vs. Agile Project execution
  • Discovering new business opportunities
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Backlog definition, refinement and handling
  • Product metrics
  • Product Kaizen : maximizing value delivery

Who should attend?


Who should atend

The following participants will benefit from this course:

  • Project managers, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers and PMO
  • Managers and executives responsible for product strategy
  • Line Managers
  • Process Managers
  • Enterprise Architects, System Architects, Solution Architects
  • Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Team facilitators
  • Business Analysts
  • Any employee responsible for the success of your products in your organization

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