What are OKRs?

Are they better KPIs?

Will OKRs solve the problems of my company?

What is a Key Result?

How do we define our company goals?

Objectives & Key Results enable companies to grow faster and help them to implement their corporate strategy better and faster! OKRs were invented by Intel and made famous worldwide by Google. The OKR system (Objectives and Key Results) was the key to success in the management of companies like LinkedIn, Zynga, Twitter … Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, once said that without the OKRs, Google would not have got where it is today.

OKR divides the classical goals into Objectives and Key Results. Objectives set a goal in a similar way to a vision – abstract, polarizing and highly motivating. They pick up the employee on the emotional level and secure his commitment to the goal. Key Results have the task of making the objective measurable and showing how the objective can be achieved.

The OKR-System at first sight gives the impression of being uncomplicated. Unfortunately, there are many companies that are frustrated when they try to apply OKRs in practice. Often companies, teams and individuals fall into the classic mistakes of the past and end up in the so-called “cosmetic agility”. Even if the dynamics behind OKR seem to be very simple, it is important to have an experienced OKR coach guiding the introduction.

Within this one-day workshop we will take a practical look at the concept of OKRs, we will give helpful guidance on how OKRs can help companies, and we will look at the key factors for a successful OKR implementation.

We offer this workshop as an online workshop or presential workshop option.



  • Fundamentals of OKR
  • Difference between qualitative objectives and quantitative, measurable key results
  • Introduction to Toyota Kata Concept
  • With the help of a real case or an example from work practice, we formulate concrete OKRs together as a team and show how to use Objectives & Key Results for agile leadership correctly
  • Presentation of an OKR cycle based on practical examples from the industry
  • Development of a plan for the successful implementation of OKR
  • Numerous tips, tricks & tools on how to use the method successfully in your business context.

Who should attend?


Who should atend

The following persons will benefit from this workshop:

  • Managers and executives who are committed to the vision and strategy of the company.
  • Facilitator, Scrum Masters, Coaches, People Managers and anyone involved in developing individual skills, motivation and teamwork.
  • Team leaders, project managers, product owners, product managers and everyone involved in the alignment of the company’s strategy.
  • Anyone interested in finding out how we can maintain a common vision and clear goals for the entire organization.

Please get in touch with us. Together we will find the best solution for you and your company.

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