Management 3.0 is the future of leadership!

Why Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 started out as a Agile Management book written by leadership guru Jurgen Appelo back in 2010. Since then, Management 3.0 has become a global management movement. Jurgen Appelo is European expert number 1 for Agile Management, one of the top 40 most relevant Management experts worldwide (INC Magazine) and one of the top 3 influencers in the world of Agility (Infoq).

Jurgen’s book ‘Management 3.0’ is considered the best alignment between Agile Product Development and Management. It defines a new role for Managers in the Agile organization. Further publications from Jurgen Appelo, “How to Change the World” y “Management 3.0 Workout” / “Managing for Hapinness” include a wide variety of practices applied worldwide by innovative enterprises seeking to thrive employee motivation, develop high performance teams, promote creative environments, delight the customers and so exponentiate the Agility in your organisation.

We offer this workshop as an online workshop or presential workshop option.

By attending our workshop, you’ll gain valuable insights into modern management practices, develop essential leadership abilities, and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. Whether you’re an aspiring manager or a seasoned professional, our workshops provide practical tools and strategies to help you excel in your role, enhance team performance, and drive organizational success.




Over two days, we will learn, following a theoretical and practical approach, the units described below:

  • Companies as complex adaptative systems, and the role of Managers in them
  • How to intrinsically motivate Knowledge Workers
  • How to progressively delegate in self-organizing teams
  • How to align self-organization with company goals
  • How to develop individual competence and grow high performing teams
  • How to structure growth in Agile organizations
  • How to manage cultural change

Who should attend?


Who should atend

The following persons will benefit from this workshop:

  • Top Managers, CxO Level, VPs & Directors
  • Functional Managers & Team Leaders
  • Creatives & Knowledge Workers
  • Project Managers & Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches
  • Change Agents & Consultants
  • Human Resources responsibles

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