Although giving and receiving feedback is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to improve as a person and professional, many of us find it difficult. It is definitely a skill which needs to be developed over time.

In this one-day workshop we will teach you some principles, and we will support you with a process and methods you can use to improve your feedback skills and deliver it with confidence. You will find that there is a scientific basis for many of your observations and intuitions about feedback – such as, it is hard to give correctly, people don’t like it, and more. This will be reassuring as you learn how to overcome these difficulties. Finally, we will run ‘hands-on’ exercises with real and fictitious story situations.

If you are a manager, leader, change agent, agile coach, or someone who would like to have those responsibilities, you’ll also learn specifically how negative feedback is weighed more heavily than positive one, and how positive feedback can boost behaviors such as creativity and teamwork.

We offer this workshop as an online workshop or presential workshop option.




Within this one-day workshop, we will go through the following modules, combining practical exercises with theoretical knowledge:

  • Fundamentals and challenges of Feedback
  • 6 required skills related to Feedback
  • Practical application of Feedback methods
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Creating a Feedback culture

Who should attend?


Who should atend

The following participants will benefit from this workshop:

  • Managers and leaders engaged in nurturing a Feedback culture.
  • Facilitators, Scrum Masters, Coaches, People Managers and anybody involved in developing individual competences, motivation and teamwork.
  • Change agents – people embroiled in cultural change and driving new ways of thinking.
  • Team Leaders, Project Managers, Product Owners, Product Managers and whoever supports formation of a Feedback culture.
  • Anybody interested in finding out how we can nurture a Feedback culture.

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