New perspectives for the legal sector

The transformation of law firms is a current issue. Technology, digitalization and the implementation of automation techniques have disrupted the legal sector. The rise of legaltech, together with the speed of changes occurring in the world, and of course also in the legal sector, forces everyone to question the traditional systems in place and to make an effort to overcome them, so as not to fall by the wayside. At this time many companies are questioning their processes and reevaluating their strategies in order to be more efficient.

Five-year plans have lost their meaning when an organization must react to a pandemic! It is no longer about the big fish eating the little fish, but the fast fish eating the slow fish.

Although many law firms follow traditional working methods, others are becoming aware of innovating and betting on methodologies that facilitate change.

Discover new opportunities for your organization with the support of an organizational consultancy: improve the agility of your business for an intelligent and customer-oriented service.

We offer the possibility of performing an on-site assessment of your organization, analyzing it from the perspective of our reference model, based on our extensive experience collaborating with companies from different sectors.

Strategy and agile methodologies applied to law firms

There are tools and methods developed and implemented in the industry, based on Lean and Agile principles, which we have successfully validated in many sectors, and are now reaching the legal sector.

Lean and Agile principles are process fundamentals that have revolutionized the way of working in production and technology sectors. Lean is the result of the production philosophy that Toyota introduced in Japan after the First World War. Agility, on the other hand, are the values that were applied in the software world at the beginning of the 21st century.

Together, Lean and Agility have spread with various methods and practices to practically all sectors. Because they allow us to react with speed and flexibility to the complexity and uncertainty of the 21st century.

Our consultants can help you design a strategy to implement agile methodologies such as Kanban or Objectives Key Results (OKRs) that are aligned with your organization’s needs and move your business towards the changes necessary to improve processes, services, teams and structures.

If your current processes, both in service development and customer satisfaction, are not delivering the results you want, we can help!

Legal Partner

In the legal sector we cooperate with our partner Gómez Bermúdez Attorneys at Law.