The term Kanban originated in Japane and stands for card, board or document. Developed in 1947 by Taiichi Ohno, the inventor of the Toyota Production System, Kanban is an implementation of the control method in production known as the pull or fetch principle. Kanban is based on a very simple idea: the kanban (or signal card) implies that there is a visual signal that new work can be pulled.

This may not sound very revolutionary. However, it is amazing what a profound impact Kanban can have on the performance of an organization!

Furthermore, Kanban as an agile method stands for evolutionary change management: in small steps (evolutionary) Kanban supports the continuous improvement of existing processes.

Testimonials from all over the world show that Kanban can be used in many different areas: From small agencies and startups to traditional medium-sized companies or larger web platforms to international corporations.

In this one-day interactive workshop you will learn the basic concepts of the Kanban method, especially the Kanban core practices and basic principles.

The workshop will show you how to work more effectively with Kanban within a team.

We offer this workshop as an online workshop or presential workshop option.

In the training you will learn how Kanban is used to analyze team or development processes, to structure and improve the work. You will experience in many practical exercises how to use Kanban and how to benefit from it.



  • Lean and Agile: Fundamentals
  • Basic concepts of the Kanban method, in particular principles, core practices and their application in a team
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM): Improving process management in production and service through value stream analysis
  • Practical experience in and on Kanban
  • Designing, improving and socializing basic Kanban systems

Who should attend?


Who should atend

The following participants will benefit from this workshop:

  • Software developers, programmers
  • Testers, operation engineers
  • Project and product managers
  • Line Managers and executives who are committed to the vision and strategy of the company
  • All employees interested in Agile methods
  • Anyone who wants to know how to get a Lean and Agile mindset and how to support their organization in the transformation

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